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The Strategies 4 Life Programs provide effective relief
from anxiety, trauma and addictions.

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Are you experiencing anxiety, trauma or addiction?


Are you struggling to maintain your routine? Fighting with your thoughts? Doing things you know aren't helping your body and mind?

I understand it can be overwhelming and frustrating.

You can feel out of control, angry and everyday life can seem incredibly difficult.

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Programs to help you create change

Anxiety Clear Program

AnxietyClear Program

Are you experiencing anxiety?Is anxiety controlling your life? Do you feel a sense of overwhelm and fear running through your body, making your heart pound?

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Trauma Clear Program

TraumaClear Program

Are you suffering from traumatic memories?Are your past experiences or memories taking their toll on your life?

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Addiction Clear Program

AddictionClear Program

Are you experiencing addiction?Are you doing something that you really want to stop?  Do you feel bad when you do it, but keep going back for more?

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Medical Hypnoanalysis

Medical Hypnoanalysis

What is Medical Hypnoanalysis?Significant problems that have not been solved by traditional medicine and therapies may be cleared with Medical Hypnoanalysis.

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Ready to change?


Asking for support takes courage. Too often we battle things out alone, using the same ways of coping, which keep us stuck, year after year.

The programs I've developed truly work. Not just temporarily, permanently.

I know it can take a leap of faith, especially if you've been to other health providers and haven't had success before.

To help you move forward, read the case studies of other clients, who have been through these programs.

Case studies of others

Financial assistance available


If you have private health cover, for example HBF, Medibank or similar, you may be entitled to receive money back after you've paid for each session.

Contact your health cover provider to find out if you are covered for "hypnotherapy". They'll be able to let you know how much you'll receive back.

If you've been involved in an accident or crime, you may be able to receive government assistance. Please ask for guidance when you contact me.

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Clients results


Overcoming my fearsOvercoming my fears

Christopher Goh suffered from "Batophobia", a condition that creates an overwhelming sense of fear when near tall buildings and open spaces. Read how Chris overcame his dibilitating fear to travel and enjoy his life with out any limitations.

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About Karen Easter


Karen EasterAs early as I can recall I remember being curios and passionate. Determined to understand I questioned my extremely patient father about "why" we behave in particular ways. How do we learn to behave?

To percieve and make sense of communication, verbal and non-verbal? Having a desire to challenge myself to be the best I can be, I commenced a life-long journey of self discovery. This involved experiential learning in order to discover fast and effective ways to change permanantly.

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"It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live."
Marcus Aurelius 121AD
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